Wiewelhove 2022 - investments for the future

also this year we would like to share our vision for Wiewelhove with you. Despite the current pandemic and the associated restrictions in the private and professional environment, we are optimistic and extremely positive about 2022. As an owner-managed modern family business, long-term, reliability and consistency continue to form the foundation of Wiewelhove, on which you can also build.

Major investments for the future

Last year, we already reported that we are in the process of implementing a very special project for Wiewelhove GmbH with the construction of another production plant. This important project is progressing according to plan and is leading to a significant expansion of our production capacities.
In terms of content, we continue to focus on the contract manufacturing of oral solid dosage forms and will also present the areas of mixing, compacting, tableting, film coating and, above all, sugar coating in our new plant.

From a technological point of view, the production rooms and production machines will be state-of-the-art.  In detail, this means an innovative air conditioning system to further meet the aspect of sustainability, as well as various new production machines, such as film coaters, sugar coating kettles and systems for container filling.
In addition, an underground isopropanol tank farm will be built, which will supply the existing Dörnebrink plant in addition to the new production facility.

Directly adjacent to this site, a multi-storey administration building was acquired, which will act as head office for Wiewelhove from the end of 2022.

Holistic production site concept

The new production plant mentioned above represents one of the largest building blocks in the overall concept planning for the production facilities of Wiewelhove GmbH dar. And investments are also continuing at our other locations. Among other things, another fluid bed granulator is being planned for the existing Dörnebrink plant for the current year.  In accordance with the production facility concept, the Gildestraße site is to be increasingly used in the future for galenic development and small batch production.

With these production logistical adjustments, we create a specialization of the individual locations and at the same time create development scopes for galenic development. In the future, we will continue to rely on close cooperation with our customers to provide targeted support in the development and establishment of new products.

Sustainable organizational structure

Flat hierarchies and self-organizing teams are the core of our organizational structure. This applies to all areas at Wiewelhove and is understood by us less as a rigid concept, but rather as a continuous and necessary process.
In this context, the Management team has also been expanded. The new members are Carolin Plagemann, Uwe Rösener and Henning Wientke. Uwe Rösener and Henning Wientke have also been granted power of attorney, so that the company can also be legally represented externally at any time.

We as Wiewelhove GmbH are therefore in a constant and healthy change and look forward to continuing  to act together with you in the long term and sustainably as well positioned to advance new projects  and to bring them to a successful conclusion.

Best regards from Ibbenbüren,


Dr. Peter Döbber

Carolin Plagemann

Henning Wientke​​​​​​​

Dirk Meyer

Uwe Rösener




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