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Stefan Etgeton about his career.

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My Way from apprentice to master.

My name is Stefan Etgeton, I was born and raised in Ibbenbüren. After school I did an apprenticeship as a skilled construction worker (bricklayer) in 1982. I had only worked as a bricklayer for one season when chance led me to Wiewelhove. Actually, I only wanted to stay there for two years and then work as a bricklayer again, but everything turned out differently than I had planned.

Starting as a trainee pharmacist

When I wanted to quit in 1991, the then head of production, Dr. Uffelmann, persuaded me to do an apprenticeship as a pharmaceutical technician and then an apprenticeship as an industrial foreman specializing in pharmaceuticals. As the profession of pharmaceutical technician had always been interesting for me and the prospects of development at Wiewelhove were promising, I agreed to the training. Thanks to Mr. Wiewelhove and the headmaster of the Adolf Kolping School in Münster, who personally supported me, I was able to attend classes even before the training.

Head of the Dragierung and Master Craftsman's Certificate

In 1992, the position of head of the drama department was to be filled again. I took my chance, took over the department management and promised to take the master craftsman's examination. As a result, as a trainee, I was simultaneously department head and assistant to the head of production. When the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) was to be converted in 2000, I took over the project management and helped validate the system. The implementation followed in 2002, Dr. Michael Beyer was hired as Technical Director and Head of Manufacturing and I took the position as his assistant.

Head of the IT department

The increase in digitisation was ultimately the reason why I became head of the IT department at Wiewelhove on 1 August 2013. Looking back, I can say that it was the right decision to stay at Wiewelhove and abandon my original plan. Wiewelhove is interested in the professional advancement and personal development of each individual employee, as my personal success story shows. I am looking forward to my further professional future at Wiewelhove!



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