we stand for solid Values.

Wiewelhove Values - Creating solid values together.
Strong principles internally and externally.

Wiewelhove Values

We stand for solid values.

Our Wiewelhove values and ethical principles of our corporate culture are the driving force behind our success. This is reflected in customer satisfaction and the close and trusting cooperation with our customers and employees.

Wiewelhove GmbH is a family-run, innovation-driven company. By tradition we understand experience, sustainability and continuous development. Every year, extensive investments are made which make us an outstanding production and development company.

we stand for safety.

Safety is actively lived out at Wiewelhove through our established and validated quality assurance system and our own high standards. At every stage of production our employees always feel responsible for the entire process. We see ourselves as part of the entire value chain for a safe product for the user. For this purpose we hold the necessary internationally valid certificates and standards.

Our employees are regularly trained in the area of occupational safety. Room concepts and work processes as well as equipment meet the highest safety standards.

we stand for quality.

The quality control of raw materials and finished products is an integral part of the value chain. We use modern equipment and procedures for our quality tests. In every phase of production, our quality-conscious employees always have the process in view. As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, the manufacturing license and the GMP certificate are a basic requirement for certified quality. This is supplemented by DIN ISO certification 13485 and, in addition, by certification in accordance with the International Featured Standard (Food).

we stand for reliability.

Consistent high quality, adherence to delivery dates and a high sense of responsibility for our work are basic values of our company. As a reliable, experienced service provider, we stand by your side and maintain trusting, long-term partnerships with our customers and employees.

we stand for knowledge.

Our many years of experience and the training of our employees guarantee a comprehensive and well-founded know-how for the optimal consultation of our customers. Our claim to always be at the cutting edge of technological development and digital possibilities is also reflected in our willingness to invest and the continuous optimisation of our processes.

we stand for innovation.

Since the company was founded, one of the fundamental drivers of our success as a company has been to actively promote technical innovation and to use it with enthusiasm. Our technological development and our modern laboratory allows us to develop forward-looking processes and solutions in the production and development of solid resins, always with industrial reproducibility, safety and sustainability in mind.

we stand for sustainability.

We take our responsibility as a company for environmentally conscious action, energy-efficient production and the safe disposal of waste materials seriously. We act and optimize sustainably to ensure our success in the future.

we stand for open communication.

A trusting relationship and open and honest communication with our customers and our employees are important to us as a family business. Business relationships are people-bound, so fairness, tolerance, personal closeness and productive cooperation are the cornerstones of our corporate communications.

we stand for social and regional engagement.

As an Ibbenbüren-based family business, it is important to us to assume social responsibility: towards our customers, towards our employees and towards the region. We regularly support various social projects from our region:

  • Heart's desires
  • little explorers
  • School projects
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