New sorting machine Planet 6G

Our latest acquisition in production is an automatic sorting machine Enclony Planet 6G. Enclony was founded in 2013 as a research and development oriented company specializing in visual analysis technology for tablet and capsule forms in the field of pharmaceutical production. In 2018, the current PLANET 6G model was developed. Enclony has its own technologies in the field of mechanics, algorithms, hardware, programs and electrical controls necessary for visual inspection. Tablets are inspected for defects using ten 2D cameras that cover the entire surface. In addition, two 3D cameras are used to analyze the height as well as engraving of the tablets. When inspecting capsules, an infrared camera is used instead of the two 3D cameras to check the capsules for their fill quantity. All tablet shapes (oblong, round, etc.) as well as capsule sizes can be inspected for defects. These include chipping, stains, dots, color deviations, foreign bodies, dents, and missing or incorrect engravings/labeling. Depending on the size of the product being inspected, between 120,000 - 350,000 tablets/h or 90,000 - 150,000 capsules/h can be inspected.

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