Wiewelhove 2021

Dear Sir and Madam,

also this year we would like to share with you our vision for Wiewelhove. Despite the current pandemic and the resulting restrictions in both our private and professional lives, we are optimistic and extremely positive about the year 2021. As an owner-managed, modern family business, longevity, reliability and consistency continue to form the foundation of Wiewelhove, on which you too can build.

Major investments for the future

Last year we announced that we were about to start a very special project for Wiewelhove GmbH. The start of the groundbreaking ceremony took place on plan in January.  By significantly expanding our capacities, this project will make its very own contribution to achieving our goals and creating expanded production possibilities in the long term.

From a technological point of view, it can already be stated that the production rooms will be state of the art. In detail, this means an innovative air conditioning system to further meet the aspect of sustainability. The installation of a film coater, 5 new coating kettles and another container filling system. In addition, an underground isopropanol tank farm is being built, which will supply the Dörnebrink plant as the new production facility.

Further investments will also be made at the other sites. For the production plant at Dörnebrink 19, another fluid bed granulator is being planned for the next financial year.

The new production plant represents one of the largest building blocks in the overall concept planning for the production facilities of Wiewelhove GmbH. Accordingly, the Gildestraße site is to be used primarily for galenic development and small batch production in the future.

With these production logistics changes, we are creating a specialisation of the individual locations and at the same time creating scope for galenic development. In the future, we will continue to rely on close cooperation with our customers in order to provide target-oriented support in the development and establishment of new products.

In order to be able to make full use of the newly acquired production capacities, it was necessary to create new storage facilities for raw materials, supplies and finished goods. The new warehouse on Gildestraße has been in operation since mid-2020 and offers the possibility of storing at a temperature of 2 to 8 °C.

We at Wiewelhove GmbH are therefore in a constant and healthy state of change and look forward to continuing to act together with you in a long-term and sustainable manner, as well as to advance new projects in a well-positioned and successful manner.

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