Wiewelhove 2023 - Investments for the future

also this year we would like to share our vision for Wiewelhove with you. The times and current world events around pandemic, war, cost increases and supply chain problems remain challenging for us as a company. Nevertheless, we are generally positive and optimistic about 2023. Longevity, reliability and consistency continue to form the foundation of Wiewelhove as an owner-managed modern family business, on which you can also build.

Major investments for the future

Last year we already reported that we are building an additional new production plant, which represents another milestone in the development of Wiewelhove. The implementation of this project is progressing according to plan and is leading to a significant expansion of our production capacities.
In terms of content, we will continue to focus on contract manufacturing of solid dosage forms and will expand the capacities of mixing, compacting, tableting, film coatings and, above all, sugar coating with our new plant.

From a technological point of view, the production rooms and production machines will be state-of-the-art. In detail, this means an innovative air conditioning system to further meet the aspect of sustainability, as well as various new production machines, such as film coaters, coating kettles, tablet presses and container filling systems. In addition, an underground isopropanol tank farm was built, which will supply the existing Dörnebrink plant in addition to the new production facility.

Despite the difficult general conditions described above, Wiewelhove remained on schedule with the construction of the new production plant. It is planned that acceptance by the supervisory authority will take place at the beginning of February 2023 and then start the first validation batches. On this basis, productive use is planned for mid-2023 and, from today's perspective, also realistic.

Immediately adjacent to the site on which the new production plant will be realized, a multi-storey administration building was acquired, which will function as the head office for Wiewelhove from mid-2023.

Holistic production facility concept

The above-mentioned new production plant represents one of the largest building blocks in the overall concept planning for Wiewelhove's production facilities. But investments are also continuing at our other locations. Among other things, another fluid-bed-granulation-system has been ordered for the existing Dörnebrink plant, which will be installed in the course of 2023. This machine purchase is also associated with an extension of the building as well as the renewal and expansion of the refrigeration and air conditioning technology, whereby an ice storage facility similar to the new production plant will also be installed for reasons of sustainable energy use.

According to the production facility concept, the Gildestraße site is to be increasingly used for galenic development and small batch production in the future.

With these production logistics adjustments, we create a specialization of the individual locations and at the same time create development scope for galenic development. In the future, we will continue to rely on close cooperation with our customers in order to provide targeted support in the development and establishment of new products.

Company succession and continued existence as a family business

Wiewelhove will remain a family business in the future. Dr. Döbber is expected to lead the company as sole managing director until 2024, when he will expand the management by two managing directors. One managing director position is taken over by Carolin Plagemann as a family member, while the second managing director position is occupied by a person outside the family. From today's perspective, Dr. Döbber will continue to be involved in the management until about 2026, before moving to an advisory board that has yet to be founded, and thus accompanying Wiewelhove after 2026.

We as Wiewelhove are therefore in a constant and healthy change and look forward to continuing to act together with you in the long term and sustainably as well positioned to advance new projects and bring them to a successful conclusion.

Best regards from Ibbenbüren,

Dr. Peter Döbber

Carolin Plagemann

Uwe Rösener

Henning Wientke

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