Wiewelhove Builds new fluid bed granulator and building extension

Over the past few years, Wiewelhove GmbH has recorded a steadily growing product portfolio, as well as volume expansions. To be able to meet the requirements of the market and especially those of our customers in the future, the management under the leadership of Dr. Peter Döbber decided to invest in a new fluid bed granulator. From a holistic point of view, this compact system from Bohle combines a wet granulator, a fluid bed granulator, a lifting tower for product discharge and a cleaning station. The first system of this type has been in operation at Wiewelhove GmbH for 10 years and is performing successfully. The expansion that has now been carried out was not only necessary to secure the current production processes, but also an investment in the future. We are already looking forward to being able to put the plant into operation at the beginning of 2024.

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