Wiewelhove contributes to improving air quality

Ecological thinking and acting are part of the Wiewelhove DNA, and thus also the responsibility to maintain a living and durable environment. For this reason and in order to be able to continue to comply with the statutory standards and specifications regarding emissions, major changes were pending in recent weeks. Due to upcoming formulation changes and capacity expansions and the associated increase in the use of organic solvents in production processes, it is necessary to subject the solvent-containing waste gases to a post-treatment.

In cooperation with Rotamill, the in-house project department realized the construction of an Exhaust gas cleaning system, so Wiewelhove is now able to purify up to 20,000 Nm³ of exhaust air per hour and return it to the environment without any harmful substances. This is realized by a burner that oxidizes the exhaust air streams at temperatures >800 °C, so that all legal requirements are met.


"The implementation in cooperation with Rotamill has worked very well, especially under the aspect of reliability”, says Andreas Rieskamp on behalf of the project management.


By implementing this project, Wiewelhove has succeeded in reducing its ecological footprint. Furthermore, it has created the basis for continuing to work successfully on the future.

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