Wiewelhove invests in the expansion of tableting capacities

Wiewelhove has currently invested in and already implemented another high-performance rotary press. This is already the second Korsch from the XL 400 series.

The XL 400 represents the next level of innovation and progress without compromising flexibility - the hallmark of the XL 400 series. For the fourth generation, the proven design of the XL 400 platform has been significantly enhanced by the integration of the control cabinet, a closed machine design without fans or cooling slots and the use of an advanced torque drive. The completely new control system with Smart-Touch HMI provides an intuitive user experience and an on-board help system complements the enhanced control comfort with numerous multimedia assistance tools.

The XL 400 SFP is a high-performance rotary press designed for the efficient production of single layer tablets. This tableting machine offers a new GMP standard with an exceptionally good press room accessibility and a combination of quick release fasteners and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and changeover. With a pre- and main pressing force of 100 kN, it is extremely robust and its unique structural design eliminates vibrations at the head and base. The extremely high output results not only from its high performance, but also from short maintenance and cleaning intervals and simplified rotor replacement. The pressure holding rail between the pre- and main pressure extends the pressure holding time and enables the production of tablets from difficult to compress materials.

The plant design is fully compatible with the XL 4004 MFP model in terms of rotors and spare parts. The XL 4004 MFP enables the production of single layer tablets as well as the flexible changeover to double layer, triple layer and jacket core tablets as well as special functions. The result is a common platform with the following possibilities:

  • High-speed single-shift production (SFP)
  • Flexible single- and multi-shift production (MFP)
  • Interchangeability of all main components, rotors and wear parts (also with the 3rd generation)
  • Identical control and HMI environment and documentation
  • Equivalent process design for direct product transfer
  • Identical procedures for adjustment, product and rotor change

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