Wiewelhove opens new warehouse at the production site Gildestraße

In 1978 Wiewelhove GmbH built the production site "Gildestraße" in Ibbenbüren. In the 42 years since then, not only the international markets, but also Wiewelhove has changed and developed considerably. Due to the advancing globalization and the resulting expansion of business relations, Wiewelhove is always interested in expanding its production and storage capacities. In spring of this year, the opportunity arose to rent another building on Gildestraße. In the period from 01 May to 31 October, in addition to an extensive conversion, a subsequent set-up phase, temperature mapping as well as inspection, release and storage took place. The total area of the newly built warehouse covers approx. 830 m² and includes 636 pallet spaces as well as a cold storage cell with another 12 pallet spaces at a storage temperature of 2 to 8 °C.

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