Wiewelhove receives two new refrigeration systems

The propane refrigeration systems, each weighing just under 5t, will in future generate cold, which will be stored in a 1,600kWh ice reservoir.

This ice storage will then be used to supply air conditioning and process air systems at Dörnebrink 19.


This innovative, cost-saving solution makes it possible to avoid peak loads in electricity consumption.

Particularly in summer, high cooling lines are required during the day, which can then be generated during the night at low tariff times.


The savings achieved with ice storage are based on the fact that the compression chiller intended for peak load coverage does not run during the high tariff period and the necessary cold is provided by the ice storage. During the night hours (low tariff time), it is recharged by the refrigeration system, thus providing new ice for the day. In addition to this cost advantage due to lower electricity tariffs, there is also a thermodynamic advantage: at night, due to the lower outside temperature, the coefficient of performance of the refrigeration machine is better, which is why the lower temperature required for ice production can be generated with a correspondingly better coefficient of performance.

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